Cherry Bomb Grill – Downtown Raleigh


I finally got a chance to check out the Cherry Bomb Grill this afternoon. It’s located in the old Joe’s Place space on the corner of Martin St. and S. Dawson St. Nice space and I certainly dig the decor. Parking is a little of a mess in that area though. It doesn’t seem like they have the full lunch menu available yet like on their website. I had the burger and Dan had the Reuben. The service was good, well how could it not be when you’ve got a wait staff of pin-ups. The food was good, the atmosphere was good, the visuals were nice. I was dissapointed that the clientele was not quite what I had thought it would be. I think I need to visit in the evening to see if that crowd is a different. All in all a good lunch and a breath of fresh air to downtown.

4 out of 5

Twisted Fork – Triangle Town Center

Twisted Fork

Twisted Fork. Last night was the 3rd or 4th time I had been there. Overall I’m ok with the place. The service is decent, except for big parties, and I’ve been there on a few occasions with big parties. They seem to drop the ball a little when you have 12+ people. Right off the bat, the wait staff needs to educate themselves about the beer and drink selection, the waiter just seemed to be at a disadvantage when asked for help with drink selections. I was pleased with the Mash House Hefeweizen, not the best Hefeweizen I’ve had, but it did the job. The beer selection is pretty damn good for the type of restaurant it is. The dip sampler appetizer has become the standard when we go there. The Crab dip, Brie, Apple and Bacon dip, & Roasted Red Pepper and White Bean Dip seem to be the choice and all and all do the job. My entree was the House-made Chicken Sausage & Rigatoni, they were accomadating with my request for it to show up sans the spinach. That went a long way to smoothing over the overcooked pasta. The sausage was good as was the rest of the entree. Desert seems to be where they really shine though. In the past I have been very pleased with the Tia Maria Cake and Chocolate Sin Cake, this time I gave the Hot Chocolate Cake a shot. Not as good as the other two but still right up there. All in all I’d give them a 3.5 out of 5. We’ll go back. I find the cost a little on the high side for what it is but I’m sure the rent is not cheap where they are and everything seems to be getting more and more expensive these days….

3.5 out of 5

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